Services & Fees


A closet or a whole house…

Maybe you are having a hard time keeping your clothes organized or maybe you feel like you need help with an entire room, house or garage. Having someone help you through the process will keep you focused and answer the question, “What do I do with this?”

Preparing your house for a quick sale is important, and equally important is preparing and packing for your new space. I can help you with this process.

I work side by side with all of my clients, offering physical help and support through all size of jobs.

A Client Luncheon or a Staff Party …

Most small businesses owner/operators and not for profit Executive Directors and volunteers have a lot to accomplish, sometimes it is hard to find the time in a day to plan and execute a client appreciation event or a staff party. By hiring a Professional Organizer you can host those events and not have to take time from your regular day to make that happen. It’s all about your peace of mind.



I charge a rate of $35/hour or will quote for a whole job. I am always able to give you an idea of the time it will take during the Free Needs Assessment.

Commission rates are available for selling items of higher values